Former students and their current roles.

Aaron Ngo

Aaron Ngo Assistant in Research During his time at EGI, Aaron Ngo was majoring in Business with a concentration in marketing. He has a strong interest in how businesses create jobs for our economy and impact communities as a whole. He started in April of 2018 worked on the NIST

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh Research Associate Prabhjot Singh works under the First Customer Program and Small Company Innovation Program to develop advisory plans and supply market intelligence to small and medium companies in Michigan by identifying critical gaps in business models, company operations, and market needs. He has also assisted in conceptualizing

Dhairysheel Patil

Dhairysheel Patil Research Associate Dhairysheel is a Research Associate at the Economic Growth Institute. He provides Market research and strategy for the companies. He has worked with numerous companies through the FCP & SCIP programs and is actively involved in training new RA's.  He graduated from University of Michigan with

Aditi Deshpande

Aditi Deshpande Assistant in Research Aditi Deshpande is a fifth-year undergraduate student studying cell & molecular biology and computer science. She joined the Economic Growth Institute's FCP project in Fall 2018. This past summer, Aditi interned at a biotechnology startup in California and hopes to continue to work in the

Sidney Thompson

Sidney Thompson Assistant in Research Sydney is a senior at the University of Michigan and will graduate in April 2018 with a major in Economics and a minor in Food & Environment. She started working in the Defense Supply Chain Mapping Program (DSCMP) in January 2018 as an Assistant in

Charlotte Reader

Charlotte Reader Assistant in Research Charlotte Reader is a Junior studying Environmental Science, and Gender and Health. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in environmental public health after graduating. She currently works on the Michigan Defense Supply Chain Mapping Project as a Assistant in Research

Corrina Lee

Corrina Lee Assistant in Research Corrina is a sophomore intending to major in Economics.  She has been with the Institute since Fall '16, creating community and company assessments. Besides her academic work, Corrina is an active member of the student government and writes about arts and culture for a University

Ahmad Ghazal

Ahmad Ghazal Assistant in Research Ahmad Ghazal is a junior working as a Assistant in Research on the Defense Supply Chain Mapping project. He previously worked as an intern over the summer at Chartwell Associates in Singapore, where he provided optimization strategy advice to the firm and implemented the solutions.

Jing Crystal Wang

Jing Crystal Wang Research Associate Crystal is a student research associate staffed on a research program for NIST, "Maximizing Technology Commercialization of Federal Research Investments Through the Best Practices at Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities".  She primarily works for the project's literature review. She is currently a first year graduate

Suparit Suwanik

Suparit Suwanik Research Associate Suparit Suwanik is currently a Senior Economist at the Monetary Policy Group, the Bank of Thailand (BOT). During his time in Michigan, he was a Research Associate at the Economic Growth Institute (formerly Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy -  IRLEE) at the University