Mary McCardwell

Mary McCardwell

Project Manager

Small Company Innovation Program, First Customer Program

Mary McCardwell, an Economic Growth Institute project manager, is pleased to support entrepreneurship and innovation. Her efforts help technology innovators communicate value, connect with influencers and university resources, and prioritize critical actions essential to bringing a technical product to market.  Mary’s is a believer in bringing “team” and transparency to problems and data to decision making.  Mary enjoys helping businesses communicate their value and market for intentional growth.

Prior to joining The Economic Growth Institute, Mary marketed and managed a twenty-year building industry firm plus franchise that was named a national top 500 performer 15 consecutive years, a global manufacturer’s franchise of year, and a Michigan remodeler of year.

Mary’s past experience includes roles as an automotive OEM buyer for Chrysler Motors and risk manager (and later marketer) for VISA/MC issuer Advanta.  She has a MBA from Philadelphia’s Temple University plus undergraduate concentrations in marketing and finance.