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  • $8M Defense Department grant aims to address downsizing

$8M Defense Department grant aims to address downsizing

Michigan, Ohio and Indiana have lost more than 6,800 defense supply-chain positions in recent years—cuts spurred largely by the ending of two foreign wars and the current federal fiscal environment. Based on a successful pilot project, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment has awarded $8 million to U-M’s Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy to assist communities and companies in the three states that have been impacted by these job losses.


IRLEE representatives collaborate to develop trade zones

Due to the downsizing of the National Defense budget, local trade zones have experienced labor and economical instability as a result of reduced defense contracts. The Next Michigan Superior Trade Zone (STZ) in particular has

Michigan unemployment rate remains 4.8% for April

Michigan added 6,000 new jobs in April and the state's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.8% as the state's workforce continued to expand. The state’s unemployment rate in April was two-tenths of a percentage point below

State of Michigan faces $460M deficit; painful cuts to be made

The state of Michigan is facing a $ 460 million deficit over the next two years. That means some painful cuts will have to be made - including state services you depend on. That means

5 things to know about the 44,153 jobs coming to Oakland County by 2018

Oakland County's job growth will continue through 2018, according to researchers who expect the unemployment rate for Michigan's second-most populated county to fall to 3.3 percent in three years. That was just part of the

Report reveals stories of poorly run, unclean kitchens in Michigan prisons

Gangs controlling the lunch-line, staff not following sanitation regulations, and questionable cost-cutting moves are just some of the accusations laid out in a new report on the Michigan prisons’ privatized food system. University of Michigan

Inside the government’s student loan problem

Come January, dozens of private companies will bid to win lucrative government contracts to manage a chunk of the nation’s outstanding $1.3 trillion in federal student loan debt. At the forefront of that group will