The institute works with businesses to help them grow and connect with government, industry, and university resources.

EGI has worked with small and medium-sized enterprises for over thirty years.

The Institute has extensive experience working with companies throughout its history.  Our professional staff has engaged management teams at small and medium-sized manufacturers to assist with foundational business improvements, innovation & resiliency, and diversification.  Our work focuses on small and medium sized manufacturing companies across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  

Our team also works with technology startup firms as well as companies deemed to be critical to the economy, such as defense suppliers.

The institute’s assistance to these businesses help them grow sales, create new jobs, commercialize technology and, ultimately, thrive. Industry engagement includes:

  • business financial analysis and restructuring
  • market analysis, identification of and introduction to new customers
  • operational efficiency identification and support
  • location of new technologies and facilitation of their adoption


Defense Cybersecurity Assurance Program (DCAP)

The Defense Cybersecurity Assurance Program (DCAP), primarily funded by the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment, provides assistance to companies that have a strong need for support in achieving compliance with DFARS 252.204-7012

Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC)

The Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC) assists small distressed manufacturers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana via the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program (TAAF). GLTAAC has been part of the institute (or its predecessors) since the Center’s founding in 1983.  The center is funded by the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration.

Innovation Services

Innovation services provides business solutions for early stage technology companies.  Our team also provides technology commercialization assistance for small and medium sized companies in Michigan that need to connect to university resources.

Business Solutions

The Institute can provide custom engagements to help firms diversify, strengthen, and grow.  Our model delivers the Institute’s knowhow and resources through customized engagements that meet specific needs, timelines, and budgets.

Programs & Initiatives

DCAP: Defense Cybersecurity Assurance Program
GLTAAC: Helping import impacted manufacturers
Innovation Services
Business & Community Solutions