Defense Cybersecurity Assurance Program (DCAP)

Helping keep the Department of Defense supply chain strong by supporting companies in cybersecurity resiliency

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The Economic Growth Institute conducted 7 focus group with local manufacturers and managed service providers to  identify and report out current workforce needs throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio as they relate to cybersecurity. The focus groups were designed to not only research the workforce needs but also to offer potential solutions to address those needs for those that may already exist. These focus groups focused on understanding what the workforce needs are, what is driving them, and what the industry perceives as possible solutions to address these needs.  To access and review the final report, please click here.


DCAP Staff

Ashlee Breitner
Ashlee Breitner Senior Project Manager
Stephanie Ludwig
Stephanie Ludwig Project Manager
Brooke Sweeney
Brooke Sweeney Project Manager
Kiarra Terry
Kiarra Terry Project Coordinator