Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Equitable Economic Growth

Collage showing headshots of EGI staff members

Over the past five years, EGI actively improved its practices and policies in DEI as part of efforts within equitable economic growth. Below is an overview of best practices that emerged as a result of these initiatives.


Reviews and Hiring – EGI has made equity adjustments several times over the last five years to ensure appropriate salary relationships, ultimately improving employee retention. Further, EGI created a hiring rubric to help eliminate bias when evaluating new candidates for hire.


Strategic Planning – EGI uses a strategic planning methodology that works to ensure decisions are made in an equitable manner and align with the overall strategy. This methodology uses a consensus-driven process including all EGI staff, fostering inclusivity and working to remove unconscious bias.


Decision Making – EGI trains others, outside of its organization, to use the same decision-making methodology as certified decision coaches. Decision coaches work in companies and communities across Michigan, utilizing their skills to support equitable economic growth.


EGI’s updated strategic plan, expected to be released in October of 2023, aims to ensure that projects will continue to foster equitable economic growth in the companies and communities EGI supports within the state of Michigan.  If you’re interested in more information about our efforts and future goals, please reach out to Brooke Sweeney, brenaes@umich.edu or Sarah Crane, sarahrcr@umich.eduLearn more about the University of Michigan’s Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.