Government & Communities


The institute actively assists local, state, and federal government entities by providing economic forecasting and identification of critical gaps. The institute creates programs and is commissioned to conduct studies, identify economic development opportunities, and create action plans. All institute activity is geared towards helping local, state, and federal governments create jobs and catalyze economic development to improve communities and businesses.


The institute engages with communities in the Midwest to assist in economic growth, infrastructure development and business strategy to help these communities sustain jobs and invite more business to the area. The institute’s definition of a ‘community’ is any county, city, township or regional area that could benefit from program assistance. The institute’s programs interact with each community’s local stakeholders to establish areas of assistance and support.

Economic Development Partners

The Institute partners with economic development organizations to help drive growth and innovation.  The Institute helps through research, community engagement, planning and other activities.  Through our partnerships, we seek to make a greater impact by joining our resources with other mission-driven organizations.  The Institute has worked with industry associations, regional economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, innovation districts, and other organizations.

Programs & Initiatives

Business & Community Solutions
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