The institute helps local, state, and federal government entities support job creation and improve communities and businesses.



The institute actively assists local, state, and federal government entities by providing economic forecasting and identification of critical gaps. The institute creates programs and is commissioned to conduct studies, identify economic development opportunities, and create action plans. All institute activity is geared towards helping local, state, and federal governments create jobs and catalyze economic development to improve communities and businesses.

Programs & Initiatives

CBAIS: Incubator & Accelerator Studies
CLMR: Economic forecasting and economic policy analysis for state and local governments
DMAP: Serving defense cuts impacted communities and firms
First Customer Program: Serves advanced technology firms entering new markets
GLTAAC: Helping import impacted manufacturers
Technology Commercialization Assistance: Helping firms access university resources and technology to increase competitiveness
Publications: Research on economics and jobs forecasting

We are proud to serve these partners.