Economic Growth Institute 2023 Annual Report title, showing images of the Mackinac Bridge, production workers, and a downtown street scene.

Economic Growth Institute  |  2023

Economic Growth Institute 2023 Annual Report

EGI has been working at the forefront of economic changes this past year. Our 2023 annual report shares stories of our support for the region’s manufacturers, our collaborations with communities, and our growing research.

Our region is facing significant transitions that are disrupting the automotive supply chain and fundamentally altering the energy infrastructure that powers vehicles and sustains communities. EGI is helping manufacturers navigate new technologies, ownership transitions, and workforce needs. Our community team is helping regional leaders assess, plan, and respond to energy transitions. EGI’s research team completed several studies and continues to investigate equitable and inclusive growth.

Equitable economic growth is a core part of EGI’s vision. We are excited to share the real-world impact of our work.