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January 2020 Economic Growth Institute Newsletter

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Tips for Effective Strategic Planning

When you ask the average small to medium-size business owner what they do for strategic planning, we usually hear:

“I’m just trying to make payroll, we can’t find the time in all of our schedules to develop a detailed plan”

“well…we have a business plan but it’s not really up to date, that’s what  you mean, right?”

Is this your reality? Thousands of companies have survived this way in the past and still do today; but a little time spent on strategic planning, utilizing a process that is efficient and effective, can take a business from making ends meet to profitably thriving.

Through their own real world experience and client engagements, the Economic Growth Institute’s professional staff has heard over and over the challenges to strategic planning include:

  • Time: carving out the time for the whole leadership team to spend countless hours talking about strategy is nearly impossible to make happen, they have a business to run
  • Bias: while strong and diverse team members can be a major asset to a company, they also can cause the “pet projects” of those with the loudest opinions to rise to the top regardless of the true value of the project
  • Prioritization: everyone wants to do everything, but that’s just not possible. Choosing one initiative over another can feel like throwing darts at a dart board.

Reality is though, with an effective and efficient process, strategic planning for a smaller organization can be accomplished.

Tips for Effective Strategic PlanningTo Read More Click Here

By: Ashlee Breitner, Senior Project Manager

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Learn how our team successfully

 helps companies execute Strategic Planning

“The Institute team did a great job facilitating the process and I was impressed on how well they were able to keep us on task, remove our bias in the final plan and execute in a timely manor. I would definitely recommend this process to others who are struggling with strategic planning.” -Marketing Department

In a recent project with a business unit of a nationally recognized standards and testing organization, EGI staff, utilized a collaborative platform for decision-making and strategic prioritization bringing analytical rigor to a highly biased strategic planning process. Success in strategic planning and its implementation relies on the planning process’s ability…To Read More Click Here

Resources for Strategic Planning

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Featured Staff Member

Kevin Rucinski joined the Economic Growth Institute in 2017 as a Senior Project Manager in the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center and also leads the execution of business solutions engagements with client companies.  Kevin brings a wide range of abilities and industry experience to the team.  Most recently, he was Vice President/General Manager of Douglas Electric Company.  He has extensive experience in manufacturing, including application of Lean Manufacturing principles to eliminate waste, increase throughput, and create competitive advantage. He has held positions as President, General Manager, Six Sigma/Operational Excellence Champion, and Vice President of Engineering.  He has experience in business turnarounds, start-ups, and independent consulting.  Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lowell Technological Institute, a Masters Business Administration from Bryant College, is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Registered Professional Engineer.  Kevin is also a named inventor on 10 US patents.

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Featured Grant Program

In this section of our newsletter we would like to make you aware of other programs that may be of value to your organization.
This quarter we feature the Defense Cybersecurity Assurance Program (DCAP). DCAP supports defense contractors on their path to cybersecurity assurance. Through a grant funding from the Department of Defense, DCAP is assisting defense contractors across the supply chain by:
  • Offering cost-effective expert cybersecurity consulting services and cost-sharing
  • Mapping resources and technologies capable of supplying critical cyber products/services
  • Hosting educational seminars about cybersecurity compliance 

Upcoming DCAP Seminars

DCAP is hosting 8 FREE seminars across MI, OH, and IN to educate businesses on the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), what this means for your company, and introduce you to what resources are available to assist in the certification process.

If you are looking to do business, currently doing business, or are an IT provider supporting cybersecurity in the defense supply chain, please visit the DCAP web-page to learn more.

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