Surviving to Thriving II

Assisting companies and communities in their COVID19 recovery.


The Economic Growth Institute is rapidly redeploying their previously effective Surviving To Thriving Program (S2T II) to help communities and small to medium-size companies who have been impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. The goal of S2T II is to help communities and the companies within them recover from this crisis by stabilizing, getting back to work, and creating opportunity for future diversification and job growth.

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EGI’s community economic adjustment model and supply chain solution utilize a similar process that works hand-in-hand to support the critical nature of the companies and the communities in which they reside. This process includes:

  • Companies & Communities submit a basic web-based application to provide the S2T II team with information about their potential eligibility for the program. In addition to the basic web-based application an additional online form is then submitted that details the impacts of COVID19 on the organization.
  • The S2TII team then reviews the submission and conducts any necessary follow up to determine eligibility.
  • Experienced S2TII Project Managers conduct a detailed assessment of the Community or Company to assess and identify areas needing assistance that have the highest leverage points to get them on their path to recovery.
  • Once the assessment is complete, the S2T II team will develop a plan to stabilize and position the community/company for recovery, diversification and growth. This plan will use methodology that creates priorities, quantifies those priorities, then scores potential projects against those priorities to determine their impact and strategic value in the organizations recovery. This approach to prioritization removes biases from the process and allows organizations to be more purposeful in allocating their limited resources to the projects that will have the most positive impact on their strategic priorities and recovery.
  • With input from the community or company, projects identified in the recovery strategy will be selected to proceed to move forward with. For projects selected, a detailing of scope, partners, resources, schedule, outcomes and deliverables will be developed.
  • Once projects are selected, the S2T II team will assist with the identification of appropriate internal university staff or private sector consultants to provide assistance for implementation of the projects.
  • The S2T II team will monitor the implementation projects as the scope of work is executed and results are achieved.



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