Small Company COVID Planning Starts here

The Four Basic Steps for All Small Businesses:

  • Temperature checks: Administer temperature checks using a “no-touch” thermometer to all employees to confirm that no employees have a temperature when coming into work, if the reading is below 100 degrees, then the employee is safe to enter the work environment. If the first and second reading is above 100 degrees, the employee is sent home and requested to see a doctor for a safe to return to work notice.
  • Distancing during work: All employees are to maintain a safe distance of six feet apart to prevent the spread of the virus from an asymptomatic person. Care should be taken to ensure employees keep safe social distancing while entering and leaving workspaces, taking breaks, and eating lunches.
  • Sanitizing: Employers are encouraged to set in place a schedule to regularly clean and sanitize commonly used objects, such as doorknobs, whiteboards, handheld scanners, and common areas, such as break rooms, and encourage employees to sanitize individual workspaces before and after each shift.
  • Face Masks: All employees MUST use a face mask in common areas and when in close proximity (<8feet) to other employees. Michigan employers can access PPE equipment through this portal.

Additional Measures to Reduce Transmission Risk:

  • Ask employees to review existing contacts and interactions with all employees and eliminate unnecessary contact wherever possible.
  • Create and isolate workgroups based on employees who have regular interactions among themselves and limit employees’ interactions with employees outside the workgroup.
  • Limit visitors whenever possible.

Additional Guides and COVID Playbooks

A Leader’s Toolkit for COVID Risk Management

Steps a manufacturer can take to mitigate the spread of COVID among its workforce?

The Institute is working with complex systems expert Dr. Scott E Page, from the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School. Dr. Page draws on his experience in Complex Systems and Network Theory Modeling to develop three useful frameworks for modifying employee interactions to reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus to others. These frameworks can be easily applied to any business. Dr. Page also outlines twenty different strategies to guide a safer re-opening of your facility.

These tools are currently being developed and tested with local manufacturers.  Information about methods and guidelines is available below.  For more information, please contact Vikesh Chandrashekar. (734) 998-0260

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