Broad Based Employee Ownership

Succession planning is an often important and overlooked aspect of business planning. Every business owner will leave their company someday, so having a plan is extremely important. The Broad Based Employee Ownership initiative by the Economic Growth Institute aims to help business owners evaluate Employee Ownership as a viable succession mechanism for their business.

Eligibility Criteria

Are you you a business owner that is looking at ownership transition in the next 5 years?

What value does the program offer?

  • Free initial evaluation if Employee ownership is a viable model for the company
  • Resources to understand Employee Ownership
  • Connection Employee Ownership experts ( attorneys, investment bankers) to help interested companies pursue EO

In an effort to support companies interested in Employee Ownership, the Institute offers educational resources, a free initial Employee Ownership viability evaluation, and connection to additional Employee Ownerships experts. 

  • The educational resources are open and available to everyone.

  • All small businesses across the country are encouraged to utilize the resource and reach out if they’d like additional assistance or information

Understanding Employee Ownership
Online Course

Enroll for free in this set of 9 modules exploring employee ownership.

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Case Study

A company that designs and produces hardware solutions for sound, vibration, and shock problems for both small and large vehicles seeked employee ownership guidance from the Economic Growth Institute. After our assessment, EGI discovered the company possessed multiple qualities that make it a prime candidate for an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) transition. Read more about our work below.

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Ashlee Breitner

Managing Director

Ashlee Breitner

Steven Wilson

Executive Director

Steven Wilson

Vikesh Chandrashekar

Senior Project Manager

Vikesh Chandrashekar