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MiVTTP (Michigan Vehicle Technology Transition Impact Project) conducts listening sessions to gather information to help local workers and economies adapt to the automotive industry’s transition to electric vehicles. The insights gained will be used to develop strategies for inclusive economic growth in underrepresented Michigan communities, helping them take advantage of new opportunities.




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Collaborative Partnerships

The Economic Growth Institute (EGI) at the University of Michigan, in partnership with Michigan Clean Cities (MICC), has launched the Michigan Vehicle Technology Transition Impact Project (MiVTTP).

Projected Outcomes Include:

  • Host local listening sessions to understand potential impact
  • Prepare communities with consensus-driven, community-based action plans
  • Provide communities with workforce training and technical assistance models
  • Raise awareness and support communities in their response to potential challenges and opportunities of the transition to electric vehicles

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Leverage our Experts

The Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan is an outward facing group that has been part of the university for more than 40 years. Every day we work toward equitable economic growth for local, state, and national economies by working with small- and medium-sized enterprises and communities. MiVTTP will provide actionable strategic plans with community voice in mind to help ease transition challenges across communities. As a part of the initiative, we collaborate with Michigan Clean Cities to leverage resources, host listening sessions, and provide strategic planning.

Our team at EGI is committed to the success of transitioning communities into the electrification of vehicles. We leverage our partnerships to provide technical assistance to enhance the future of mobility.

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  • Sara Reynolds

Sara Reynolds

December 11th, 2023|

Sara Reynolds Project Coordinator Email: reynosar@umich.edu Connect with Sara on LinkedIn Sara Reynolds is a project [read more]

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Q4 2023 Newsletter

November 30th, 2023|

Our fall newsletter includes stories about EGI's Inaugural Elevate Forum, new support for the Michigan Defense Resiliency Consortium, Michigan Vehicle Technology [read more]

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Senior Project Manager

Carmen Wells Quigg

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Managing Director

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Project Manager

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Executive Director

Steven Wilson

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Project Manager

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