Ashlee Breitner
Economic Growth Institute, University of Michigan

Decision Coaching Training Launches
The Economic Growth Institute and Allovance launch training to change how the world makes decisions. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan: In partnership with Allovance, an innovative Ann Arbor, Michigan based firm founded by University of Michigan alumni Dr. Sherif Farghal, that refined the decision-making methodology, the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan today announced they have developed an easy to follow program to teach individuals everything they need to know about becoming a Decision Coach. Through a series of 10 web-based or in-person training workshops, individuals are taught the details of the decision making methodology, software utilization and facilitation skills necessary to conduct both capital allocation and strategic planning sessions as Decision Coaches across the globe. 

This partnership will build off the Economic Growth Institute’s vast experience in engaging with businesses, communities and world class teaching and learning foundation and Allovance’s scientific based, proven decision-making methodology and cloud-based software. It was only natural for the two to come together to collaborate to teach the world how to make better decisions. 

“We are very excited to launch these workshops in conjunction with the team at Allovance. With Allovance’s University of Michigan rooted education in the decision sciences and over 25 years of experience, coupled with our educational foundation and years of experience working with companies and communities we will truly create a network of decision coaches to help organizations make better, more informed decisions.”, says Steve Wilson, Interim Executive Director at the Economic Growth Institute. “Organizations of all shapes and sizes often struggle with prioritizing decisions based on which will provide them the most value. This training program was designed for both the independent consultant working with their own client base and also the individual facilitating a decision making process within their own organization. Whether capital allocation or strategic planning these coaches will truly transform how organizations think about making decisions for the future.” 

“One of the biggest challenges for any organization is to make complex decisions. Even when done well, it is difficult to do so, consistently, systematically, and transparently with minimal bias.” says Dr. Sherif Farghal, Founder & CEO of Allovance. “The Decision Coach program is a way for experienced professionals to not only advance their own consulting approach, but to also help organizations better achieve their strategic goals. Working with EGI provided the ideal platform for us to offer this program. EGI is a leader in providing entrepreneurial programs and innovative services to businesses and communities, and its highly professional and experienced team has been instrumental in making this certification program come to life. We are very excited for this partnership and look forward to a successful program implementation.” 

After completing the series of training workshops and assessments administered by the Economic Growth Institute, applicants complete a live engagement to demonstrate their facilitation skills and understanding of the methodology and software in a real-world application. If effectively executed, the applicant would then be officially designated as an Allovance Certified Decision Coach. 

Benefits of becoming a Decision Coach include: 

  • Transform individual bias in a planning process into objective criteria – streamlining the decision making process. 
  • Reduce uncertainty for clients or organizations by providing a process that is consistent, structured and incredibly flexible. 
  • Build on existing skills and experience to enhance a current consulting practice 
  • Leave outdated binders on the shelf and walk clients through an engagement using cloud-based decision support software to manage and document every step of the process. 
  • In the end, coaches provide in days or weeks what others do in months. 

The Decision Coach training workshops will be available online starting May 18, 2020. For more information about becoming a Decision Coach, visit or

About the Economic Growth Institute: The Economic Growth Institute leverages the University of Michigan’s resources, research, technologies, and expertise to foster innovation and create positive economic impact for local, state, national, and global communities and economies by working with small and medium-sized enterprises. The Institute transforms these insights into programs that provide business and community assistance, support, and intervention.

About Allovance: The idea for Allovance was conceived over 25 years ago as part of Dr. Farghal’s Ph.D. dissertation research at the University of Michigan. In 2007 Dr. Farghal founded Pyramid Consulting International and refined the method through use with many clients. At the suggestion of clients wishing to use the methods beyond the tenure of their consulting engagement, Sherif developed a software, and Allovance was established in 2016. Allovance serves to fill the existing capital planning gap in the market by providing a software that integrates the prioritization process with the planning process and aligns them with Strategic Planning.