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Q1 2020 Newsletter

Informing & Transforming Tomorrow's Economy January 2020 Economic Growth Institute Newsletter In this issue... Topics that Educate your organization Resources to support your organizations development Profiled Talent we have developed through real world experiences *Tips for effective strategic planning *Learn how our team executes   strategic planning *Resources for strategic planning *Featured staff *Featured grant program Tips for Effective Strategic [read more]

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Project Feature: Strategic Planning

“The Institute team did a great job facilitating the process and I was impressed on how well they were able to keep us on task, remove our bias in the final plan and execute in a timely manor. I would definitely recommend this process to others who are struggling with strategic planning.” -Marketing Department In [read more]

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Strategic Planning

When you ask the average small to medium-size business owner what they do for strategic planning, we usually hear: “I’m just trying to make payroll, we can't find the time in all of our schedules to develop a detailed plan” “well...we have a business plan but it's not really up to date, that’s what  you [read more]

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Sheny Puspita

Sheny Puspita Research Associate Sheny Puspita is a Master of Public Policy candidate at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy with an emphasis on international economic development. Sheny earned her B.A. in Economics from the University of Indonesia. As a policy analyst for more than seven years of working [read more]

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Seung Tai Kim

Seung-Tai Kim Research Associate Steven (Seung-Tai) Kim is a Master of Management candidate at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business with a concentration in Data Analytics and Business Strategy. Previously, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. As part of the First Customer Program (FCP), [read more]

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Jacob Quinn

Jacob Quinn Research Associate Jacob Quinn is an incoming junior in the College of Engineering studying electrical engineering.  He is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability, and fascinated by the intersection of technical knowledge and creativity.

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Hayley Vassallo

Hayley Vassallo Research Associate Hayley is a junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Strategy.  She began working at the Economic Growth Institute as a Research Associate for the First Customer Program (FCP) in May 2019. She enjoys being able to see how the First Customer Program [read more]

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Lauren de Vries

Lauren de Vries Research Associate Lauren de Vries is a Research Associate at the Economic Growth Institute. She has worked with a variety of different programs at the institute including the Defense Manufacturing & Cyber Assistance Programs and Talent Bridge. Lauren started working for the Economic Growth Institute in June of [read more]

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